Lion-Hearted Girl

I like to think that I am a lion-hearted girl.

I’ve been told that I am 110% bravery and 90% fearlessness.

But that is not all true, because even lions get afraid sometimes.

The day before I started my first day of middle school, I laid for hours on my bed.

I couldn’t handle the fear that was swamping me, and all my doubts that were killing me.

I went to school the next day.

And I lived.

With that knowledge, I went to school the next day. It didn’t kill me, but sometimes it sure felt like it.

An hour before I had to give my presentation to my entire class, I got nauseated.

Yet I did it.

You see, that is what makes a lion, a lion. They feel fear, and yet they conquer it.

They are able to go through fear, and not take that away in a memory.

I like to think I am a lion-hearted girl, but that doesn’t mean I am always brave.




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