Life is more than fitting into your jeans.

When you wake up in the morning, and you are all messy bed hair, and blurry eyes, that is an example of beauty.

On the Tuesday mornings you wake up sobbing because you feel too much, that is ok.

The funky days you spend with your friends, using an old art pallet you found in their attic paint on wrists and fingers.

The day after Valentine’s day when you have a tradition of bringing all your friends peonies.

The sleep-overs that have a secret code, full of shipping fictional characters and villains.

The late afternoon Saturday mall-trips where you try on every barret a certain store sells.

Buying old cameras at thrift stores just for the heck of it.

The times you laughed so hard soda or milk came out your nose.

The nerf gun fights you had with all your older brother’s best friends.

The late Sunday nights where you randomly make paper airplanes out of blue construction paper and throw them around the room.

The day before your Science bone quiz, you go about the house singing them in order to your own tune.

The sob-sessions with your bed, as you try to figure out how to unlove someone.

The random 3 a.m. sketches where you try to get the green eyes on paper to have the same glow and density of his.

How your friend wrote on your arm in 3D block letters, “DARLING”

The month where every Tuesday you wore a blue shirt of some shade.

The day your best boy friend took you to the fair and bought you cotton candy.

The mustard color sweater you stole from your best and tucked away in your own closet.

Your favorite blue and white striped shirt that has a stain from barbeque.

The rainy Monday morning you woke up and had to walk to school.

The grey tabby cat that you always use to see out your window every day, until one day you didn’t.

The first time you ever had vanilla soft serve.



Life is more than fitting into your jeans, and it is time I learned that too.


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