Break her Heart

It has been over nine weeks,

And boy,

She stills talks about you,

As if you were,

The only boy on the earth.


And one day,

I hope you realize,

Who and what you left behind,

When you decided that weird,

Was not cool,

And that she,

Was not worth it.


I will smile with her,

And make her laugh through tears.


I will agree with her,

When she says you were not all bad,

But I just want you to know,

What you did to her.


You gave her seven weeks of bliss,

And now nine weeks of heartbreak.



Don’t bounce back and forth,

From girl to girl.


Stop and see the damage you do,

Every time you treat them,

As if they are the only girl that matters.


Or when you call them silly nicknames,

Hug them “Just because”,

And give them promises you will never keep.


Because boy,

You sure did something to my best friend,

And that was:

Break her heart.



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