I once met a boy,

That I loved more than postcards,

Vintage photographs, looking up at the sky with my telescope,

Calligraphy, watercolor paintings, highlighters,

Loopy gold cursive “L”‘s, brown and blue Ilama socks,

British accents, creamy pasta, my vibrant yellow pastel crayon,

Seashells, lollypops, black hair, names that start with “P” or “R”,

The number “32”, peonies, dimpled baby hands, the word “aqua”,

Hot cocoa, 7:34 a.m, cookie dough, yellow ribbons, happy tears,

Metallic pens, abstract art, sea glass, robins, slides, coca cola’s in glass bottles,

The year 1955, cactuses, lumpy soft pillows, dark green bedsheets, breakfast toast,

Ice cream, pop music, mysteries, the smell of an old book, lemon and honey tea,

The month of May, Narnia, cute mugs, creme pie, recycled light bulbs,

French braids, wildflowers, fairytales, bonfires, pizza, blue and grey beanies,

Record players, typewriters, garden gloves, fresh cucumbers, feta cheese,

The word “Someday”, baggy sweaters, brown paper bags, purple roses,

Turtles, neon letters, Ireland, journaling, hippie grunge, marble, yellow sunbeams,

Velcro, Switzerland, butterflies, charm bracelets, dream catchers, soccer cleats,

Quotes, easy math equations, Literature papers, perfectly thin and grey skipping stones,

Cold lakes, the word “Smitten”, paisley designs, crepe cakes, scrambled eggs, marshmellos,









And he,

A boy with sandy blond curls,

And sea green eyes,


Only loved me as much as he thought he could,

A curly haired dreamer,

With blue-green-gray eyes,

Whose mouth was always full of opinions,

And head full of words


But somehow,

That wasn’t love,

That was trying,

And he (The boy),

Only hurt me,

In the most tragic wonderful way possible.


And in the end I finally realized my mistake,

I loved him entirely too much,

Because I forgot to love myself,

Along the way.


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