I once knew a girl,

Who was the was the must wonderful person.


She was the kind of girl who danced alone on Friday night wearing her unicorn slippers.

The kind of girl who learned how to crochet just so she could make her cat Quincy a collar.

The girl who made DIY Harry Potter Remberalls, and wands out of chopsticks.

The girl who liked poppies and pansies in a bouquet, even though they clashed.

The girl climbed on her roof the first day of spring just to see if “her robins” came back.

And the girl who met a boy.

A wonderfully strange and tragically normal boy.



And the last time I saw her,

Was when she was scribbling a note for me to tape on his door before she moved to Florida.

The note said,

“P.s I never told you, but I was falling in love.”


Becaus she thought the boy was wonderfully strange and unique, but in reality, he was tragically normal.

Because he broke her heart.


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