Hair Types

There are so many types of hair.

I cannot even fantom all the different kinds, designs, and types.


There is the silky golden brown hair, that is just the right length. It tumbles and twists in a mass of waves and puff. Whenever it is wet it turns into beautiful little spirals of ringlets, that never seem to stay. It is pinned in place with billions of bobby pins and gallons of hair-spray. Or on the days when no one is going to see, it is pulled into a crazy messy bun. Pieces of hair darting in every direction, not confined by clips or hair products.

There are the springy brown and black curls. They circle your head like a halo of thickness, and dance whenever you throw your head back in laughter. They are let loose, to “breathe”. There is no confining this thick and glorious hair. Sometimes it is battled down with hairspray and other products to be shoved into a tight bun. This is only for VERY important events. Usually, it is left to spring about when you walk jauntily down the sidewalk, and frizzy whenever it gets too humid.


There is the thin and poofy dark brown hair. It is a “dreadful” mix between curly and straight. The end results if poof or frizz. When it is vainly tried to be curled or straightened, the end result is never like the package covering. You lose pieces, or it makes your head look very up and down. It just won’t seem to behave at all! So most days it is pulled out of the way is a very practical ponytail, or in intricate braids sprayed with hairspray so the hair does not come out.

There are the slick and glossy short waves that fall to barely your shoulders. They are pinned with cute gold pins so it wildly but beautifully frames the face. Every day a new and neat style, because the hair seems so manageable.

There is the hair that is dyed a dark emerald green. It is very bob-like and has mini waves running through it. Bangs brush over the eyebrows when they get too long, and cutely curl around the top of the head. It is constantly getting tangled in dangly earrings of pom-poms or silver flowers. It is complemented by little girls and tattooed women. Everyone else seems to think it is too bright and weird.

There is the dark hair that is highlighted at the bottom tips. It is always neatly curled at the ends, and pulled back expertly.

There is the thick black straight hair. Each strand is glossy and healthy. It tumbles down the back like a black waterfall. It is usually pulled back a by golden flower clip, or lazily flung over one shoulder.

There is the pin straight golden blonde that falls exactly to the shoulders. It brushes the top of any jean jacket and comfortably brushes up again ears.

The thick dark brown frizzy hair that only hangs to your shoulders. It sticks out wildly framing your face and tickles your shoulder’s blades when you wear a swim-suit.

There is the faded orange color that is bound to be straight. It compliments fair skin, the multiple freckles. It is awfully hard to style though. When you wear braids people say you look like Anne Shirley. When you wear a bun people say you look like a businesswoman (Which you are not) and when you wear a ponytail people find a way to disagree with that too!

There is the light matte brown, which is unpredictable. It is sometimes straight, curly, frizzy, poofy, or wild. It is, however, the perfect hair for buns.


There are the wild auburn waves/curls that tumble around a set of blue eyes. It is crazy hair, streaking with gold and red.

There is the dyed pink hair, that earned the woman who has it the name, “Bubblegum”



There are so many types of hair, and each one is unique and beautiful. Never forget that.


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