A Bed

A bed is the most loyal thing in the world.

It holds you and your little girl and boy dreams.

It spikes imagination of the monster hiding beneath, and the kind fairy who keeps it away.

It is the perfect reading spot for Nancy Drew books and the Dangerous Book for Boys.

The best place to lay on your stomach and play video games.

The best place to write poetry and stories.

The most wonderful place for pillow fights, and action figure battles.

The quietest place for inventive thinking and messy little child engineering sketches.

The best place for angry and embarrassed tears, for when the older boys tease.

The most secret place for sad and heartbroken older girls tear.

And the most loyal place, to find a friend who will never talk when you need silence.


And when you grow out of bed in height, I can promise you will never grow out of it in spirit. Because if your bed only taught one lesson, let it be loyalty. Your bed has always been loyal to you, and when the day comes for it to go away, it is your turn to be loyal to it. Your turn, to be loyal to its memory, and always remember the lessons it taught you.


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