I’m Sorry I let him in

This is a letter to myself,

Because I must remember you,

As a lesson,

Not as something I lost,

When I could have had it.


Dear Heart,

Please forgive me,

For not hardening you against him,

And forcing my cardiac muscle,

Not to flutter so.


Dear Ribcage,

Why didn’t you,

Protect the heart,

As you were made to do?

Because he reached his fingers through,

And crumbled my heart to dust.


Dear Smile,

I’m sorry,

I didn’t have better control,

Because maybe I could have done something,

So every time you smile,

It wouldn’t be painful.


Dear Brain,

I’m sorry,

For growing up and wiring you,

To believe in true love.

Because that was my downfall:

Believing in true love,

While he only believed,

In attraction.



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