She was born,

With birth defect,

In her left leg,

The caused the veins to be atrophied,

So not enough blood,

Flowed to it.


It made her leg shorter,

Then the one,

And skinnier.


She always felt self-conscious

About wearing jeans,

And she had to have them,

Specially made.


Oh but my darling,

Don’t you see,

How wonderful that makes you?


You can wear special shoes,

With a heel on your left one,

And rock styles,

No one else can!


You are exquisitely unique,

In a way,

That no else can imagine.


So darling,

Please understand,

That no one sees’s you as horribly imperfect,

Or badly flawed physically.


They see a strong girl,

Who was given something special,

Which made everything normal,

A little bit harder.


And darling,

The strongest people,

Are my favorite.


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