There is a simple sort,

Of perfection,

That is hidden by the average,

And by god girl,

You had it.


You laughed outrageously,

And cried uncontrollably.


You sang horribly,

(Or so you said)

And you wrote beautifully.


You never wore anything,

That was uncomfortable,

Because “beauty” wasn’t worth that to you.


You ate anything sweet,

And devoured anything sour.


You stole cookies from your friend’s lunch trays,

Because you secretly put most of your food,

On one of your

friend’s plates.



You stole your friend’s grey beanie,

And wore it all day.


You debated about everything,

Because you had an opinion about everything.



And I only hope,

You never change,

Because the girl I fell in love with,


Because she is already perfect,

To me.

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