Dear Elliot,

This is for you.

This is not for the boys,

Who laughed at your name,

And didn’t want to date a girl,

Who could beat them in any sport.


Dear Elliot,

I wish you had noticed sooner,

How beautiful your freckles are,

Because even though only a few,

Ever called them anything but,

You seemed never to think,

That they could be beautiful.

They were, E.

They were.


Dear Elliot,

I remember

  how much,

You always loved black,

But I don’t think,

You would like,

Your funeral,

Because everything was red,

Or white,

Or grey,

And only a few people,

Wore black.


Dear Elliot,

Phobia is stuck a strong word,

But I fear it makes me weak,

Because I won’t get into a car,

Because I know,

That is what killed you.


Dear Elliot,

Your name is stitched,

Onto the back,

Of every soccer jersey,

In white,

And you would be proud,

To know,

Your soccer cleats,

Sit in the trophy case.

Our school team,

Is now named,

Elliot’s Angels,

But I think,

The better name is,

Elliot’s Warriors,

Because you were never,

The soft kind of the girl,

So that is why,

It took something made out of steel,

To take down,

The iron girl.


Dear Elliot,

Your rose gold ring,

Was smashed on impact,

But your mom,

Now wears it,

Around her neck,

As a charm.


Dear Elliot,

Come back.


Dear Elliot,

The boys lacross team,

Out of respect for you,

Paint an “E” on their cheeks,

In black paint,

Whenever they go on the field,

Because you earned that.


Dear Elliot,

The entire school is changed,

You made an impact.

I only wish you could be here to see it.





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