You are you

For Josie



Your heart,

Never worked,

As a heart should have,

And because of that,

You have scars all across your chest,


And more than once yearly check-ups.

You can’t run too fast,

Or too long,

And the aspirin medicine you take,

Makes you bruise easily.

Remember when,

You were little,

And nightmares of doctors,

And needles,

Still haunted you?

And I said,

“Never forget,

That those are the things,

That makes you,

The bravest person,

I have ever known.”

And I mean it,

To this day,

Because those nightmares,

Only help me see,

What a brave person you are.


Your heart condition,

Is not,

And never will be,

All there is to you.

You are your red face,

And breathless laughter,

From daily tickle fights.

You are your love of animals,

And you pet fish,

Named Snow.

You are the shiny gems and rocks,

That you have carefully collected,

And the sweet notes,

You always leave everyone.

You are your thoughtful gifts,

And wide smile,

Your favorite black shirt,

And soccer charm necklace.

Because little sis,

 You are you.

You are not just a heart condition,

Or another medicine dose.

You are not those things,

To our crazy family,

Your busy doctors,

Your endless friends,

And anyone who meets you.


You are you.



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