Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma


They hooked you to,

An IV,

Which let the clear fluid,

Go right into you,

And darling,

Have you ever noticed,

Your tears were the same color?


Hair loss:

You always wore,

A white beanie,

To cover the fact,

You had no hair.

But darling,

Why be ashamed,

Of a mark,

Of a survivor?



Why do you always,

Have to scare us,

So much,



Weight Loss:

You never liked your body,

But sweetheart,

Have you noticed,

You like it no more,

With all the weight,

You loose,

Because of cancer?

Cough or shortness of breath:

You always panicked,

And looked so scared,

As every little act,

Made you gasp for breath,

Or bend over in coughing.

But angel,

Don’t you know,

That we all feel breathless,

Around you,

As if one little puff of air,

Could blow you away?



Your head always hurt,

And the scariest part was,

You never knew if it was cancer,

Or just stress.

But darling,

Don’t worry,

Because I will stand by you,

In both.



You survived angel, but many of your hospital friends did not.







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