Don’t leave me

You promised,

When we were just little kids,

On the first day of,


That you would never,

Leave me,

And never come back.

And every day of school,

I waited for you,

By the front door,

With a snack,

And a note,

I proudly wrote myself.

When I was old enough,

To go to school,

You promised that,

You wouldn’t let anyone,

Hurt me,

And no one did.

Every bully was too afraid,

Of  you,

To dare lay a finger on me.

And when I went into middle school,

You told me,

Not to worry,

That no boy,

Every looked twice at me,

Because you promised,

Everyone would be jealous,

When I went to prom,

With a junior.

Freshmen year you promised,

That what the girls said,

In the bathroom,

And the halls,

Wasn’t true.

I was beautiful,

And you would never,

Quit reminding me of that.

When I was a sophomore,

And you were a junior,

You broke every single promise,

You ever made to me.

Because brother,

You left me,

You hurt me,

You never took me to prom,

And you haven’t told me,

That I am beautiful,

For four months.

Because brother,

You didn’t have a choice,

Because you fought,

As only you could,

And you lived,

As only you could:


The day you took,

Your last breath,

And the entire ICU,

Was full of pain racked sobs,

You whispered to me,


“Promises don’t have an end.”

Your friends,

Never left my side,

Never let anyone hurt me,

Brought me prom flowers,

And told me every day,

How beautiful I am.

Darling brother,

I know you gave me,

More than a dozen promises,

But I still miss you.

You made sure I had,

Five brothers to take care of me,

When you were gone,

And for that,

I will always thank you,

But I miss the brother,

Who kissed my forehead,

And whose bed,

Grows dusty.

Make one more promise,

For me:

Promise that,

You will always live,

In the little things,

Because a world,

That is truly without you,

Is not one,

I want live in.



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