Brain Tumor

You were always forgotten,

And left behind in fits,

And rages,

That was caused,

By a dying memory.

As it grew inside his brain,

You felt something growing inside of you,


He was dying,

And dying meant forgetting,

And you never wanted him,

To forget you,

Just as much,

As you would never,

Forget him.

One day you saw,

A girl in English class,

Who had dyed her hair red,

And had a nose ring.

You bet that,

No one ever forgot her.

So you dyed your hair,

A startling teal,

And pierced one side,

Of your nose.

But he still forgot,

Because of the thing,

Growing inside of his head.

When you grasped his hand,

Pale and trembling,

You pleaded,

“Don’t forget me.”

You were selfish to say that,

But you were desperate too,

Because how could he leave you,

All alone?

He smiled,

The goofy smile you had first,

Fell in love with,

And said,

“I won’t.”

You never did forget, did he?

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