“You’ve changed.”


I hope so.

Because there are so many things,

That needed to be changed,

About me,

At least,

That is what you said,

When you walked away,

And out of my life.

I still put,

A hundred and ten percent,

Of myself in all things,

Except for love,

Because I learned with you.

I’m still stubborn,

About anything and everything,

But I’m not stubborn,

When a person,

Won’t accept me,

Because then I know,

From experience,

That they never will.

And I still cry,

Some nights,

When I miss something,

But don’t know what,

So in truth,

I kept all the disliked,

And got rid of the things,

That I never liked,

But you did.

I moved on,

And I changed,

Because I didn’t want to be,

A cookie-cutter girl,



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