As a kid,

You have to love yourself,

Because sometimes,

You might not always,

Have people who do.

You have to wake up,

At 6 am,

Make some tea,

And watch the sunrise.

Don’t drink coffee,

Because it’s bad for you,

And not very many people,

Will tell you that.

You have to sit next to,

The weird kid on the bus,

And ask a random question,

Even if your palms sweat.

You should make good choices,

Because enough of the people,

You grow up with,


And they will go down,

A path you don’t want to travel.

So after school,

Go home,

Do your homework,

Play outside,

Build something with,

Your old bike wheels,

And some duck tape.

When you are sad,

Take hot showers,

And remember,

That things always get better.

Listen to,

Your favorite band in the morning,

And try your hand,

At song writting..

Wash your bedsheets,

After a messy art experiment,

And put them on your bed,

Smelling like lemon,

And lavender laundry detergent,

With black and green paint stains.

Don’t fill yourself with regrets,

Of things you won’t remember,

In two years.

Never focus too much on the future,

Because that beat up Ford,

In the junk yard,

Is an example of a life,

Taken too soon,

When someone thought to leave,

All behind,

And follow the road of asfualt,

Until it ended.

Never laugh at that girl,

In one of your classes,

Who stutters when she talks,

Because boy can she sing.

Don’t judge people too fast,

And don’t live too slow,

And kid,

The last bit of advice I can give you is:

Never get tired of living,

Because some people do,

And your future is bright,

As long as you hang in there.




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