I saw you gossiping,

With your awful,

All-the-same friends,

So no need,

To act like you are my friend,

When I need someone next.

You don’t have to pretend,

That you didn’t write,

Horrible things on my locker,

In sharpie,

And tape hate notes on it,

Every other day.

Some people call me naive,

Because I look for the best,

In every one,

And that may be true,

But it still hurts,

That I trusted you.

So when you and your barbies,

Laugh at me next,

And spread rumors around school,

I hope you know,

That no one I care about,

Is listening to those lies.

Because all my friends,

Who I truly trust,

Never met you.

Mainly because

I made them,

After you left me,

Down and in the dumps.

They didn’t laugh,

Or tease,

Or judge,

They covered my locker,

In positive sharpie writing,

And doodles.

They do funny things in the hall,

And have piggyback rides,

To the car line,

Which makes me laugh,

More than your sickly jokes,

Ever did,


You never won,

Because I,

Got the greatest treasure of all:


Who never believed,

Lies that were spread,

By a liar.


Posted in: WHY

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