Everything is color to her,

With muted pink pastels,

Light mauve.

And silver.

She wears,

Dreamcatcher earrings,

And draws,

Medieval knife designs,

On her homework,

For Chemistry.

Her brown hair is always fixed,

In the most symmetrical braids,

And she wears,

A white dove necklace,

Every other day,

To school.

People call her a drifter,

A contradiction,

And an out of tune melody.

She loves peace,

Yet she doodles war weapons,

On her homework.

She is always drifting,

From one subject,

To the next,

Like Greek architects,

To the genetics,

Behind your eyes color.

She is labeled as,

Hopelessly romantic,

And the quiet girl,

Who knows anything,

There is to know,

About fashion……….

And being yourself.




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