Dark black hair,

Cold green eyes,

What happened to you?

You wear black jeans,

With holes in knees,

And dark thermal long sleeved t-shirts.

You always act,

Colder now,

As this world,

Has sucked away,

Your power to hope.

You hang out,

With the wrong kind of people,

Who meet,

In the parking garage,

Downtown after school.

And when I ask,

You blow me off,

Tell me not to worry.

But when I see you,

Leaning against,

The chainlink fence after school,

I do,

Because you’ve changed.

I knew the other boy,

With a smile,

And a nervous habit,

Of running his hand,

Through his hair,

Whenever he got nervous.

The boy who tugged his ear,

Whenever he was tired,

Or bored.

But I don’t know you now,

And that is the scariest part.


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