Free Spirit

She is a free spirit,

Living above an art studio,

Somewhere in Illinois,

With an iron balcony,

Twistedly covered in ivy,

And morning glory.

Her apartment,

Is full of skylights,

Which she keeps open,

All day,

And all the sparrows,

Go to her kitchen window,

Because she feeds them,

Sunflower seeds,

And dried cherries.

She is a photographer,

And her pictures,

Cover the walls,

At odd angles,

And advantages.

Neon signs,

From the small downtown,

Spell out,

In neon yellow letters,


And pictures of hippies,

From the artsy side of town,

Show people wearing “1970,”

On their t-shirts,

And holding yellow balloons.

And a painting,

Hanging perfect straight,

In her bedroom,

Sayings in bold,

White letters,

“You have quite a mind, darling.”

And she did.


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