Exist(ed) Loudly

Do you know the people,

Who sit in the back of class,

Who walk quickly in the hallways?


They are simply existing.

I don’t want to be like that,

And one of my friends told me,

When I confessed this,

“Then, by all means,

Exist loudly. Wear a white t-shirt,

And black pants,

With gold and yellow bracelets.

Take your slice of universe,

And alter it,

Because all the best people,

Decided to become who they are,

In the best way possible,

By deciding to let go,

Of all the fears,

That once held claim over them.”

And so I did.

I wore contrasting outfits,

Raised my hand more in class,

Smiled at everyone,

And I guess,

If I were to sum it up,

In three words,

I would say,

“I existed loudly.”

And I did.

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