Have you ever remembered,

Who you where before society,

Decided who you should be?

I’ve seem the people,

Walking through the halls,

With bland faces,

And empty eyes,

And I wonder,

What happened to them,

To make them that way?

Because we where all,

Where children once,

Fighting our battles,

With wooden swords,

But what happened since then?


A girl in my English class,

Is told she is skinny,

But three years ago,

Boys called her fat.

Anorexia happened to her.

A boy who I had in one of my classes,

Last year,

Use to sit quietly in the back,

And he stuttered whenever he talked.

He can tell you the definition of lonely,

And unloved by family.

It happens all the time,

And I want something to blame,

So why not society?

If people cared more,

And looked up from their screens,

They would seem him silently struggling,

And they would have seen her,

Not eat anything at lunch,

But they don’t.

And I blame society.

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