Boy(s) Like

People say that boys like,

Girls who always agree,

Girls who are meek,


And never speak out of turn.


Let it be said that no boy,

Will ever like me,

Because I can’t be quiet,

When I know the truth,

And I can’t laugh at jokes,

That I don’t understand,

And I will never change,

For any boy who wants,

A meek girl,

A quiet girl,

And a agreeing girl,

Because I will never be one.

I will laugh uncontrollably,

At the strangest things,

And add in my opinon,

When I feel it’s needed.

I will never be a girl,

That people say boys will like,

But I guess I’m ok with that.

Because some boys,

I hope,

Like strange girls,

Not the most beautiful girls,

Girls who have laughter in their hearts.

But if no boy does,

I won’t change,

Because it would be too hard,

To dim the rebel fire in my soul,

And completely change myself,

Just for a boy.


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