X and Y

She smiles,

And pretends he doesn’t exist,

Because it is easier that way.

Easier to pretend things are ok,

When she doesn’t know the solution.

They met when she tutored him in Algebra,

Every other day after school,

Because he needed A’s for the school’s soccer team.

Then he was just a boy,

An annoying boy with low grades.

But somehow he made her smile more,

Then anyone else could.

And somehow her perfectly planned out life,

Seemed strict,

And her quest to find x,

Seemed more and more silly,

As she began to question y.

Her life was not the greatest,

And math was escape,

So she wondered why her life was better,

Since she started tutoring.

Maybe the answer was him,

The fall-in-love-at-first-sight smile,

The laugh,

The way his nose crinkled when he smiled.

But then he didn’t need a tutor anymore,

His Algebra grade was high enough,

And she didn’t see him a while.

Then one day in the hall,

She tried to talk to him,

But he just laughed,

And acted like she was just another random girl.

It hurt,

But she understood why she had emerged herself,

In math.

Everything made sense,

And everything had a findable solution,

Except this.

Except for the apology text, he sent her.

Except that he was so afraid from judgment of his friends,

Judgement of the school for having a “Math nerd,”


And maybe more.

That he stopped talking to her,

Said things that he didn’t mean,

But still said.

And it was then she realized that some things,

Do not have an answer,

And that some people are like x and y,

Constantly attrached to each other,

And sometimes ok for a short time (xy),

But never together forever.




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