Simplist Appearance

She always use to sit in the back,

And she never raised her hand,

But one glance at her notes,

Told me she knew the answer.

She was always quiet,

And never talked out of turn,

And wore ordinary clothes.

Nothing was really special about her,

That could be seen on the outside,

But she once whispered to me,

That the darkest minds,

Could have the simplest appearances.

On Monday she didn’t come to school,

And on Tuesday the announcement,

Was made in the gym,

But the only word I heard was,


Such a horribly normal word,

One that could be hidden in the crowd,

And someone couldn’t even notice.

I wish I had understood,

The tally marks on her notes,

And listened more carefully when she talked,

Because she might have seemed ordinary,

But someone once told me,

The darkest minds,

Have the simplest appearance.


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