Tumblr Worthy Cute

She’s Tumblr-worthy cute,

And she doesn’t know it.

Yesterday she wore a white long-sleeved sweatshirt,

With a cute cartoon cactus,

And the word “Hug?” repeated in different fonts.

She wore a green skirt,

And her favorite pair of Burks,

With a bunch of pink bracelets.

She went to Starbucks before school,

And got her usual peppermint hot cocoa,

With a chocolate croissant,

Which she ate on a parkbench,

Watching people stroll by.

And I know that today,

She is wearing a blue fuzzy sweater,

With a couple long silver layering necklaces,

And her favorite pair of jeans,

Which has a barely noticeable bleach stain,

Near the bottom right cuff.

And I know that because,

I have her in first period,

And I use to jealous of her,

And so I watched her,

Wondering how she could be so perfect.

But then I wasn’t jealous,

Because she is kind,

And sweet,

And you would never guess,

That her father lives in California,

With her health nut step-mom,

And a step-brother,

Who is 18.

And I only know,

Because I found her,

Crying in the bathroom,

With a torn piece of notebook paper,

Saying in black sharpie,


And it was then I understood,

That she is tumblr worthy cute,

And has the most unique personality,

But instead of being jealous of her,

I should ask at what price,

Does she express herself.

Because she is bullied,

Because she chose to be different,

And unique.

So I told her,

That she is tumblr worthy cute,

And that she shouldn’t listen,

To the people who are too afriad,

To express themselves,

Like her.

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