She laughs,

And walks quickly through the halls.

And when her friends ask her why,

She always aviods the left side of the lunch hall,

A thousand silly excuses fall from her lips.

Because they wouldn’t understand.

And while they text their boyfriends,

Before class,

She tries to focus on her notes,

But her mind thinks of him.

She wonders if he ever notices her,

And if he ever glances at her when she isn’t looking.

She always hurries from one class,

To the next,

Because she knows his class is near hers,

And she doesn’t want to see his face,

When it lights up when he looks behind her,

At someone else.

She keeps telling herself,

That this is just a crush,

And she knows that is true,

But for once,

She wished she could know,

How it felt to be looked like that way,

He looks at her.

But she isn’t anything to him,

And he’s only a crush.




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