All Because She was A Girl

They asked her to described herself,

Using only three words,

And on the paper,

she wrote,

With a blood red marker,

“I defy all rules.”

The boys during PE,

Told her she couldn’t play,

On their team,

Because she was a girl,

And that meant she was weak.

When she scored highest in her Math class,

Some people said the grading was wrong,

Because she wasn’t smart enough,

To get a perfect score.

Because she was a girl.

And when she was elected class president,

Two boys said she didn’t deserve it,

Because she was a girl.

When she got into college

She thought things would change,

But boys protested when she pasted physics,

With flying colors.

All because she was girl.

Never be ashamed of who you are,

Because no matter where you go,

Someone will always find fault,

Who you are,

And what you do.

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