“Your hopelessly romantic, you know that right?” He asked teasingly his eyes lingering on her face. She shrugged, and said, “Everyone has their always, and infinity, I just haven’t found me yet. So until I do, I can always dream.” He shook his head, his eyes twinkling a cobalt blue. “How would you know when you found your okay?” She gasped, and pointed an accusing finger at his face, ” You did read Fault in our Stars!” A slight pink blush covered his cheeks, and he mumbled, “Back to the question.”  He didn’t want to admit that she had been the reason he had read it and held her tightly the next time he saw her, afraid that he would lose her.She giggled, the sound utterly enchanting to him. She said, ” When you find your okay, or your always, then you will know somehow. A feeling deep inside your heart, blooming and blossoming to the fullest. You will love that person until the stars die, or the universe completely stops existing. You will be utterly captivated by their flaws, endlessly love their little quirks and fetishes, and never give up on them. They are the person who lights a flame inside you, but sometimes heartbreak follows.” Her eyes were saddened, and she said, ” Because the worst truth is that the person who lights an endless match inside you, might not always stay.” He was quiet, his blue eyes like the stormy sea swirling with emotion. She sniffled slightly, and rubbed her eyes mumbling, ” How utterly tragic.” He sighed, and hugged her she said, “Have you found that person yet?” He stared into her eyes, which always reminded him of a fern, the light enchanting green that had captured his attention the first time he saw her. His emotions were conflicted and twisted into knots of doubt and apprehension. He, at last, said, “Have you?” She said with a smile that was almost blinding to him,  “No, unless you mean the fictional ones.” He laughed, and she wiggled out his hug, sitting more comfortably on her beanbag chair. He took a deep breath, nervousness invading his lungs as he said, ” I might have found my okay.” She smiled and clapped her hands in excitement. “Who? Who?!” She demanded, and his eyes were tender when he said,”You.”

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