I can look at you

And I can see it in your face

You think you hide it,

But I see you.


I see the hurt,

The dark circles underneath your eyes,

And the quiet plea dancing on your bottom lip.

Too afriad to be voiced

Too afriad to be heard

Because you’re too afriad

To be hurt.


And I just want to take you,

And wrap you up in my arms,

Hold you,

Console you,

Tell you things that you’ll believe,

But you don’t seem to believe

Anything anymore

Because you’ve been decieved far

Too many times.


So I’ll just look at you,

And see the pain in your fake smile,

And I’ll smile back.


And I’ll hear the attempted deception,

When you tell me you’re just tired,

And I’ll say me too.


I know you’re broken on the inside,

I can see it in your face.


Violets are blue,

And so are you.





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